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There is no place for racism in the cyber security community. 

There is no place for it in this world.

We show solidarity with those who speak out against discrimination. 

We stand with those who fight injustice.


We won’t be silent.


We pledge to act.


To actively support Black people. 

To actively support People of Colour. 

To promote equality, respect and equal opportunities for all.

To improve and celebrate true diversity in our teams. 


To be #VersusRacism of all types.


We know that it’s not what we say, but what we do that matters.


So we invite others to join us and be the change we all need.

Perhaps recent events have prompted you to face up to the reality of racism like never before. Perhaps racism is something you live with everyday. Regardless of the reason, if you want to do something, join us with this pledge. Share it, discuss it and take action on it.
Some actions you can take now include:
  • Share this pledge: on social media, in your organisation and with your networks
    • ​You can copy and paste the text above, take a screenshot, share a link to this page or download the ​​image below
  • Read this blog post, which includes a list of actions as a starter to change, challenge, and evolve
  • Visit the resources page, where you will find links to informative and actionable information
  • If you work in the media or Public Relations - or you have contacts who do - please use your influence to share this pledge and associated actions​​
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