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Please find below a list of resources that can help you fight the injustice of racism.

Help spread this important message with 'Our Pledge Against Racism'. Save the image below and share #VersusRacism.


'What can we do to support anti-racism in the UK?' Google document by Nikita Patel and Amy Ertan

'How to Argue Against Saying "All Lives Matter" Because This Has Got to Stop' Bustle article by by Chris Tognotti and JR Thorpe

'12 Unconscious Bias Examples and How to Avoid them in the Workplace' Builtin Article by Bailey Reiners

'75 Things White People Can Do For Racial Justice' Medium article by Corinne Shutack

'Ways You Can Help' Black Lives Matter Carrd page by Nico

Black Lives Matter website

Have You Heard George's Podcast? George the Poet's BBC podcast

The Infosec Hoppers work alongside the wider tech community to support underrepresented groups, check out their website

Becoming Anti-Racist resource originally created by Surgery Redesign and adapted by All Our Mothers:

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